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Every once in awhile I hit a (technical) wall, stumble upon a great tool or look for a reason to improve my English.
This is my place to share, welcome to my logs.

Introducing TerraWise: The Solution for Site and Earthmoving management

It's been a while since my last post, well, almost 7 years. I've been busy with my career, family and although I'm filling a product management role I never stopped coding. Last year I decided to add a purpose to the coding experiments and I've started, as many other my first side project (which really made it to launch). A Multi-Tenant software product called TerraWise, which I'm super exited about.

TerraWise is a cutting-edge platform that leverages advanced technologies to provide intelligent and eco-friendly solutions for efficient land and terrain projectmanagement. Whether you're involved in agriculture, urban planning, or environmental conservation, TerraWise is designed to streamline your processes and optimize your results.

With TerraWise, you can expect seamless data integration, real-time monitoring, and powerful analytics. Gain valuable insights into your land resources and make informed decisions to enhance productivity and sustainability. Time-consuming tasks like terrain analysis, resource allocation, and environmental impact assessments become effortless with TerraWise.

I invite you to explore the full potential of TerraWise (it's a Dutch product) by visiting the project website at As always, thanks for your support!

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